Oak Blinds

If you’re looking for high quality oak blinds, Ambition Blinds have the best range for you. From deep colours to Tuscan and Desert Oak shades, browse our range here. 

If you’re after completely wooden blinds, take a look at our Wooden Venetian Blinds, we offer oak blinds, along with a range of blinds in other woods, such as blinds from a wood PVC blend. These blinds are extremely durable and do not allow moisture to soak into the wood itself thanks to the PVC properties.

If you’re looking for gloss finish oak blinds, our Tuscan Oak range is perfect for just this. With an amazing finish and flame retardant properties, the Tuscan Oak looks perfect in any décor.


Our Oak Blinds come with fitting and instructions for the user, who can use these to install their blinds easily.