White Wooden Venetian Blinds

If you are looking for a clean, stylish neutral blind then you want, white wooden blinds. Perfect for all rooms and styles, and in a range of materials to suit the room – be it quality soft grain wood to finish a living room, or stylish, robust expression faux-wood for a kitchen, bathroom or throughout, you wont be disappointed with our selection.

Faux Wood Venetian Blindsprice from £23.00

Faux wooden blinds are an excellent choice for those on a budget. If you are looking for cheap blinds but you still want them to have the appearance of real wooden blinds, then browse our selection of faux wooden blinds below. They are constructed using a high-quality PVC material which is moisture-resistant. This ensures that they are durable and also makes them perfect for use in bathrooms and kitchens. They are suitable for any room in the house, helping you to curate the refined appearance of wooden window blinds for all of your windows without having to worry about breaking the bank.

Our faux wood blinds are available in a variety of colour tones and grain types. You have the options of smooth faux wood, a detailed fine grain, or a larger natural-looking grain. Whichever room these blinds are destined for, you can find a colour to match your interior design scheme. From the darker Callo to the warm Amber, or the rich Lima to the paler Desert Oak, you can find the matching natural wood tone for your space. We also offer more contemporary finishes in various shades of white and grey. These come in a range of hues if you would like to emphasize pink or blue accents in the room.

Sunwood Essential Collectionprice from £31.00

For high-quality cheap wooden blinds, the Sunwood Essential Collection is a wonderful option. These blinds are made from real wood, with a choice of beautiful colours and stains. As Sunwood blinds are natural wood, there will be variations in the natural grain. These blinds will allow you to achieve the authentic beauty and charm of real wooden window blinds for a lower price than other ranges of wooden Venetian blinds. Installing Sunwood blinds in your windows is an affordable method if you want to brighten up your home. These stylish and luxurious-looking blinds will enhance any room.

Our Sunwood Essential Collection is comprised of fourteen assorted colours. Whether your room has a modern or traditional feel, these blinds will add a natural look and fit right in to dress your window perfectly. The warmer natural wooden tones, including Honey and Chestnut, help to create a rustic and cosy ambience in a room. If you prefer a lighter finish to keep things bright and clean, we offer three different shades of white. You can even go in the other direction and select the intense Hazel, which is bound to bring an element of sophistication to rooms like offices, studies, and living rooms.

Perfect Grain & Gloss Finish Venetian Blindsprice from £39.00

If you are enthusiastic about wood grain, then explore our collection of Perfect Grain Venetian blinds. As well as offering ten different shades of natural wood, each Perfect Grain blind has a unique texture. The wood grains can be straight, ribbons, wavy, or irregular, going in different directions. Depending on the look you are aiming for, you can find large or fine-grained wooden blinds to match. The colours are vibrant while remaining natural, so you can draw attention to a window space but avoid clashing with the other furnishings. Each Perfect Grain finish is exquisite.

Whether you prefer rich browns, golden yellows, muted greys, paler or sandier tones, there is a Perfect Grain finish which will be perfect for you. Should you decide to go for a more lustrous finish, our high-quality Gloss Finish Venetian blinds will add a touch of opulence to any setting. Whether you opt for a brilliant white gloss or a softer crème gloss, your white blinds will look stunning in the window, bringing light and luxury to the room. Choosing our Perfect Grain & Gloss Finish Venetian Blinds allows you to enjoy a stress-free balance of sumptuous style and impressive value for money.

Santa Fe Matt & Gloss Collectionprice from £84.63

Our new Santa Fe Matt & Gloss Collection offers a range of on-trend contemporary colours for you to choose from. Dignify your room with white Venetian blinds from this collection and they will add a refined glamour to not only the window but your entire living space. Their sleek design will suit any minimalist interiors. Their elegant simplicity can complement all types of rooms, whether you go for the gloss finish or matt finish. The gloss finish brings a polished finesse to the window, making rooms seem larger and airier as they reflect more light. Meanwhile, a matt finish is softer and understated.

We offer eight fashionable colour choices in the Santa Fe range, each one available with either matt or gloss finish. Whether you want something bright and shiny or more neutral and subtle, there is a tasteful colour choice which will accompany the aesthetic of your home wonderfully. That might be black as Sin, Storm grey, or dreamy Cloud. You can make your blinds truly contemporary with a pop of brightly-coloured blind tape. Or simply keep things minimal with further neutral tones. Whichever style of window blinds you choose, it will bring a sophisticated edge to classic white wooden blinds.