The Best Blackout Blinds for a Bedroom (2020 Guide)

Date Updated: 18 December, 2019

Blackout blinds are the best way to ensure privacy during the day or night, as well as total darkness for better quality of sleep. Here is a guide to some of the best blackout blinds for a bedroom in 2020.

Blackout Roller Blinds

Roller blinds come in a wide variety of fabrics, patterns, and colours, so that you can make them a more tailored part of your interior design. The opaque blinds are simple to lower when you want to blackout your windows and easy to raise again when you want to let in the natural light. The built-in rolling mechanism makes it a much smoother process than traditional curtains or Venetian blinds.

Marlow Graphite Blackout Roller Blind

Blackout blinds often come in darker solid colours, but this can sometimes be too plain. You should consider the appearance of blackout blinds as much as their functionality, so that they look good in a room even when they are raised and letting light in. This is why the Marlow Graphite Blackout Pattern Roller Blind is an excellent choice for a contemporary sophisticated bedroom. The dark grey colour complements most colour schemes, while a graphite texture makes the design seem warmer.

Marlow Graphite Blackout Pattern Roller Blind - Price From: £60.90

Napa Oslo Blackout Roller Blind

Though they are blackout blinds, these blinds do not necessarily have to be dark. For some people, darker colours create a sense of gloom. Most modern interior designs feature clean, light colours. However, a flat white panel blind does not add much dimension to a room. Something like the Napa Oslo Blackout Pattern Roller Blind with vertical stripes in muted tones works well with neutral colour schemes. It adds a subtle texture to the room without drawing too much attention to the window.

Napa Oslo Blackout Pattern Roller Blind - Price From: £60.90

Paloma Duck Egg Blackout Roller Blind

Pastel tones have become very popular among millennials when it comes to both fashion and interior design. The Paloma Blackout Roller Blind in a soft duck egg blue is compatible with such a colour scheme. The shade of blue is soothing whether the blind is raised or lowered, ensuring that your bedroom is a relaxing place to be at any time of day or night. It is suitable for people of any age or gender, as the faded texture and colour are quite neutral while still bringing colour to the room.

Paloma Duck Egg Blackout Pattern Roller Blind - Price From: £60.90

Chilli Blackout Roller Blind

If you have bolder tastes and a lower budget, the Chilli Blackout Plain Roller Blind from the Value Range could be the best blackout blinds for your bedroom. The blind is a solid colour, in traditional style, but the shade makes it more modern. The “Chilli” shade is bold without being too bright, just right for adding a pop of colour to your bedroom. It also fits in well with other warm colour tones or stands out against cooler tones to bring some spice to décor and make the window an accent area.

Chilli Blackout Plain Roller Blind - Price From: £8.40

Blackout Vertical Blinds

Vertical blinds differ from roller blinds in that they are made from vertical slats with a horizontal mechanism. They are faster and stronger than roller blinds, making them the best choice for homes or offices to add a touch of professional style in addition to privacy with the blackout functionality.

Amparo Blackout Vertical Blinds

The Amparo Blackout Vertical Blinds allow you to bring colour to your bedroom without committing to a large solid roller blind. They come in stylish violet colour with a muted tone, which allows the blinds to pair well with neutral bedroom colour schemes. Rather than opting for a literal black blind, purple adds a sense of fun to the room without being overwhelming and it goes well with both masculine and feminine design features.

Amparo Blackout Vertical Blinds - Price From: £23.10

Butter Blackout Vertical Blinds

These Butter Blackout Vertical Blinds are an alternative to basic white blinds. Rather than being butter yellow, they come in a more of a pale taupe shade. This is a good colour to use when you want to create a warm atmosphere in a room without using bold colours. White can sometimes feel clinical, so this tone is better for the blinds to make the bedroom feel more comforting and homely.

Butter Blackout Vertical Blinds - Price From: £23.10

Snow Blackout Vertical Blinds

The Snow Blackout Vertical Blinds are not quite snow white, but they are pale enough to fit into most monochrome contemporary designs. They are also fitting for installation on French doors to blackout those windows effectively while still maintaining an elegant look. These blinds are more affordable than those with bolder colours and patterns, but they do not compromise on quality.