How to Measure

Always check your measurements carefully as we can not be held responsible for mistakes

Standard Window Measuring Instructions

Measuring your windows is not a difficult task. Follow the instructions to ensure a good fit for your blinds. Please measure in centimeters all though inches are acceptable. Before you start to measure you must first decide whether you would like your blind to hang inside or outside the window recess.

Getting Started

You’ll need a pen and paper and a good quality steel tape measure. Never use a cloth tape measure as they can stretch and give inaccurate measurements.

Inside window RECESS

  • Measure the width in 3 different positions inside the window recess from wall to wall. Measure on the left, the middle and the right. The most important measurement to write down is the smallest one.
  • Measure the Drop (height) in 3 different positions inside the recess from the top of the recess to the window sill. Once again the most important measurement to write down is the smallest one.
  • Enter these measurements into the website as Recess measurements this will mean we know to make an allowance when making your blind, all blinds have around a 1cm allowance on the width and 0.5cm to 1cm on the drop depending on which type of blind. Roller Blinds and Venetian Blinds we do not make an allowance on the drop but please remember you are ordering a full blind not just the fabric and so on a roller blind the fabric will be approximately 2-3cm smaller to allow it to roll onto the mechanism/barrel at the top .(Please be aware there is a 4mm tolerance allowance on all blinds for cutting)
  • When measuring for Vertical Blinds for Recess size, do not make an allowance in the drop measure from the top of where you are fixing the blind to the bottom of your window sill and we will make the allowance at the factory. (remember you are ordering a whole product not just the fabric louvres)

Outside Window Recess

  • Measure the width of your window then add at least 12cm to allow for overlap.
  • Measure the drop (height) of your window and add at least 12cm to allow for overlap.
  • On Roller Blinds the exact width entered will be from bracket to bracket in between the brackets you would have your controls, this means your fabric will be 2cm to 3cm less. Ex:- A Roller Blind width of 60cm exact size from bracket to bracket would mean the fabric would be around 57cm to 58cm in width. Please take this into account when measuring for your blind to go onto a door with a window, bay window or window with a small frame.
  • Remember to enter your sizes as Exact size when ordering for outside recess this will mean the blind will be made to your precise measurements. On Vertical Blinds there may be a slight reduction made on the drop please check the individual product or our customer services for confirmation as to be sure to allow for your overlap if required. This is the exact size for the whole blind again not just the fabric louvres.


Tip: Do not forget to check for obstructions such as window handles, windows opening inwards, or perhaps wardrobe door opening towards window etc as these can prevent the blinds from either opening/closing or being able to be fitted in the first place.