Aluminium Blinds

Aluminium Blinds

Ambition Blinds aims to provide its customers with the widest range of high quality aluminium blinds at the lowest possible prices.

Immensely popular thanks to their incredibly durable structure and stylish, sleek design, aluminium  blinds bring you that perfect balance of cutting-edge contemporary style and long-term wear, whether they are installed in the home or the office.

Exceptionally functional, they can provide varying levels of secrecy for any room and are great at blocking harmful ultra-violet rays in strong sun-spot areas. They are a fantastic economical choice for creating an uncomplicated, business-like style that is reliable and simple.

Go Urban Chic with Aluminium Blinds

Our aluminium blinds use only the most robust materials so that they last a lifetime and are able to withstand the inevitable wear and tear that is likely to stem from everyday use, especially in an industrial environment.

It is these superior materials which also protect these blinds from common forms of corrosion such as heat and moisture; particularly problematic if the blinds are installed in places such as kitchens, bathrooms, garages, workshops or studios.

We offer two exclusive ranges of aluminium Venetian blinds to suit your budget, and both ranges feature a wide selection of colours, patterns and designs. All of our aluminium blinds come with 25mm slats; the most popular size for this type of blinds.

If you are unable to find what you are looking for, please feel free to contact us on 0800 093 7632. One of our specialist advisors will be more than happy to help you.

A Brief History of Aluminium Blinds

Although this type of blinds take their design and influence from the city of Venice, they started to become more popular across the globe in the early 20th century with iconic buildings such as The Empire State Building and The Rockefeller Building (Radio City Tower) being the first buildings in the world to completely fit all windows with venetian blinds and treatments instead of traditional window curtains.

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Band 1 Price From: £18.90
AtmosphereOrder SampleGet Price
Classic Aluminium
Classic AluminiumOrder SampleGet Price
Cool Grey
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PasedenaOrder SampleGet Price
Pastel Blue
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Powder Green
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Band 2 Price From: £18.90
Aluminium Filtra
Aluminium FiltraOrder SampleGet Price
Black Filtra
Black FiltraOrder SampleGet Price
Brushed Aluminium
Brushed AluminiumOrder SampleGet Price
Brushed Linen
Brushed LinenOrder SampleGet Price
Brushed Sand
Brushed SandOrder SampleGet Price
Grey Filtra
Grey FiltraOrder SampleGet Price
Quartz Blue
Quartz BlueOrder SampleGet Price
Steel Filtra
Steel FiltraOrder SampleGet Price
Vibe Cool Blue
Vibe Cool BlueOrder SampleGet Price
Vibe Grey
Vibe GreyOrder SampleGet Price
Vibe Silver
Vibe SilverOrder SampleGet Price
White Filtra
White FiltraOrder SampleGet Price