Blinds for Keylite Windows

Welcome to our Keylite Windows section.

Here at Ambition Blinds, we are proud to offer you an extensive range of high quality alternative cheap blinds for Velux ® windows as well as treatments and shades.

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Skye Classic Blackout Colours For Keylite Windowsprice from £40.07

Our specially selected Classic Blackout Colours for Keylite Windows are perfect for any room in the house and will block out sunlight with ease. Manufactured in order to fit Keylite Windows, this range comes in standard colours that will surely compliment any decor you have in your home. 

Skye Translucent Fabrics for Keylite Windowsprice from £54.08

Designed and made from high-quality fabric, our Translucent Fabrics for Keylite Windows will allow you some shade in your room without blocking out all light completely. With a huge shade range to choose from, why not pick blinds that suit your style and decor at a great price? 

Skye Contemporary Blackout Colours for Keylite Windowsprice from £85.99

Readily available in a wide range of colours and shades below, our Contemporary Blackout Colours for Keylite Windows will make any room stand out. Easily fitted and great for value, our Contemporary range will come delivered with fitting instructions.