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Easiwipe Blinds

Welcome to our Easiwipe Blinds section.

If you are looking for window blinds that offer an extra degree of functionality then you have come to the right place because here at Abode Blinds we are proud to offer a unique range of blinds that have been designed to be easily cleaned without the additional cleaning solutions that normal window blinds require.

Our Easiwipe Blinds have been manufactured using materials that can be cleaned simply by using a warm soapy cloth rather than the usual cleaning solutions that normal blinds require.

These blinds are created with a waterproof layer that completely repels water, moist and grime from penetrating the material and causing corrosion and deep-seated stains.

Instead, the grease and dirt simply sits on top of the blind and only requires a warm soapy cloth to completely clean them.

What Benefits Do Easiwipe Blinds Bring?

Easiwipe Blinds offer an easy care, practical solution for any room where moisture, pet paws or sticky little fingers could leave marks or smudges.

Easiwipe Blinds are ideal for kitchens, bathrooms, garages, outbuildings or any room where moisture or cooking fumes might be a problem.

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Blackout Easiwipe Roller Blinds Price From: £38.00
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