Date Published: March 22nd, 2019

Top 20 biggest interior design trends for 2019

Every year things come in and out of fashion and sometimes it can be difficult trying to keep up and keep your home on trend. Below we have created a list of popular 2019 decorating trends to help keep your home in style.

1. Minimalism

Some will say that minimalism is on the way out, but there has been a recent surge in popularity for this particular style. If you take a look at Kim and Kanye West’s home, for example, you will find minimalism heaven. The rise in popularity may be down to them or just because classic styles never die out. With simple colours and clean open spaces, minimalism is extremely classy when done correctly.

2. Sustainability

Sustainable furniture and decor is one of the biggest interior design trends for 2019. Not only is this great for the environment but it also looks amazing! Focusing mainly on sustainable wood and cotton furniture you can have a classic style without the carbon footprint.

3. Eclecticism

An organised arrangement of different patterns never hurt anybody! Eclecticism can be fascinating if it is done correctly. Some people may think different patterns and style of furniture in one room is too much but it can look brilliant and cohesive when done using the right inspiration.

4. Biophilia

Biophilia is the term used to describe the hypothesis of humans having an innate closeness and connection to nature[1]. When this term is used to describe interior design it is relating to the use of plants and natural materials throughout the home. Not only are plants great to fill a space with a natural colour but they’re also great for cleaning and purifying the air in the home[2].

5. Primary Colours

Primary colours are seeing an increase in popularity in 2019. Whether you use the colours to tie a room together or you want to create a rainbow room, using primary colours is the safe and smart way to do it as they always go together.

6. Warm Feminine Tones

Warm feminine tones such as dusty pink, bronze, blush and rose are all in this year. These colours don’t only look great in the warmer months they also help to keep away the blues the colder months bring, giving your home a warm and inviting atmosphere.

7. Textured Upholstery

Patterned upholstery furniture is on its way out this year and instead, you should think about replacing it with different textured upholstery furniture, giving your home a range of touch sensations to keep your senses happy.

8. Graphic Patterns

Graphic patterns on the walls and floors are in season for 2019. Brighten up your room with patterned wallpaper or carpets and don’t be afraid to mix it up and go a little out of your comfort zone when picking it.

9. Wooden Venetian Blinds

Wooden Venetian blinds are in style for 2019, giving your home great wood accents as well as being practical. They look great throughout the home and come in all kinds of wood colours and tones.

10. Large Mirrors

Large mirrors are becoming a bit hit in 2019. Not only as a practical way of looking at yourself but as a feature to the room, large mirrors can be rested against a wall or hung up giving the illusion of more space.

11. Gallery Walls

If you have lots of art, small mirrors, framed pictures creating a gallery wall in your home will add some extra class as well as allowing you to display all of these things you have collected over the years.

12. Floral

Floral print has always been a classic, whether you add small floral accents throughout your home or bring a bit of your garden inside with a floral wallpaper.

13. Constellations

Stars are back in style! You will be seeing a lot of constellation inspired interior design in 2019. This is an idea you could get really creative with, including your favourite constellations or your star sign into your home decoration.

14. Sea Inspired Furniture

This idea isn’t just about rustic seaside inspired furniture but also seats that look like clams or shells for example. Whether you want a detailed shell lamp or you’d rather keep it modern with a block colours clam style sofa seat, this style looks great in all parts of the home.

15. Nude Tones

Nude tones give the home a natural and feminine look. Nude walls are great as they go with nearly every type of furniture style. Nude furniture can also look extremely classy and elegant paired with warmer tones.

16. Living Walls

Living walls are just what they sound like, walls that are actually alive. Evergreen plants can be attached to the wall to give the room an amazing splash of natural colour. They just need to be watered with a spray bottle regularly and they should continue to grow healthily.

17. Line Art

Line art is not only to be hung on the wall but in 2019 this is a popular textile decoration and can be anything from wallpaper to flooring or a rug. It can give a room a classic and clean look as well as being somewhat abstract.

18. Terrazzo

Terrazzo was originally very popular in the 70’s as a bathroom tile or a flooring tile. It is now coming back in style. It features small flecks and chunks of different stones to create almost a mosaic of colour.

19. Statement Ceilings

This is a creative way to add bold patterns or colours into a room without it being too overpowering. Statement ceilings allow your room to be pulled together and have a fun and eclectic look to them.

20. Artisanal Decorative Features

A big interior design trend of 2019 is sourcing furniture and decoration from local creative people or businesses. Not only does this mean your furniture and decorative pieces will be one of a kind but it also helps the local economy of your area and supports growing businesses.