Date Published: 25.04.2019

How to create a cosier-feeling room

Whether you’re trying to give a larger room a smaller and more intimate feeling or turn a small room into a cosy haven, giving a room that special cosy feeling can be a challenging task. When done right, making a room in your home feel more welcoming can be a very enjoyable process.


Colour is extremely important so make sure you pick a colour scheme that suits the size of your room, otherwise you run the risk of making an already small room look tiny and a large room look gloomy.

Large room

Choose warm, rich tones to decorate your walls, selecting deep browns, red and even greens. Natural colours work best in large rooms as they make a room look smaller and therefore cosier and more inviting. Tip: Use lots of warm or natural light to prevent your room from becoming gloomy and dungeon like.

Small room

Warm feature walls are a better choice for smaller rooms as having every wall a warm colour will make your room appear tiny and claustrophobic. Stay away from colder tones, light browns are best for smaller rooms, maybe try deeper creams for the other walls. Tip: avoid being too bold with patterned walls and too deep of a colour on your feature wall.

Wall space

Once you have chosen wall colour, decorating the walls is up next. Whether you go overboard or not should depend on the size of the room as you don’t want your room to end up cluttered and claustrophobic.

Large room

Using wall hangings can make larger rooms seem smaller. Especially if you choose fabric decoration as this also helps to create a cosier feel. Ornate frames on pictures and mirrors also have this effect.

Small room

Smaller rooms become cluttered very quickly with wall decorations. It is best to stick with more subtle wall decorations with softer and lighter colours - frameless mirrors works great for this. Darker skirting boards can contrast well with light walls making them look brighter.

Blinds and curtains

Blinds and curtains are an essential for most rooms not only for light control but also privacy. Making your room cosier can be aided by different types of curtains and blinds depending on the size of your room.

Large rooms

Try some deep warm colour patterned curtains if you have large windows in your room. Try not to go too bold with the pattern. You can choose plaid if it matches the rest of your decor. Adding darker curtains in your room can give it a welcoming and warm feel.

Small rooms

Wooden venetian blinds are perfect for smaller rooms that need a cosier feel. They’re great to control the light levels in your room as well as giving your home the privacy you and your family needs when you want to feel cosy. The wood gives a natural warm feel to the room.


The last thing you add into a room when you’re decorating is furnishings. Picking furniture can be difficult when you have a thought in mind of what you want the room to feel like but don’t know how to execute it.

Large rooms

Rugs and throws with lots of texture and warm colours can add an intimate feel to any room. Add cushions and ornate furnishings such as a large reading armchair. Add throws to your couches and armchairs for more texture.

Small rooms

With small rooms you can still add texture but it needs to be more subtle and soft with lighter but still warm colours. Add small pieces of furniture but try some darker warm block colours to give the room a larger look whilst still keeping it cosy. Add throws and cushions that match the colours in your decor for a welcoming feel and final touch.