Keylite, Fakro & Rooflite Window Size Guide:

Fakro & Rooflite

FAKRO and RoofLITE loft windows carry a unique identification platse that show the frame size or size code of your window. 

 The location of the plate is shown in the diagrams at the bottom of this page.

This table shows both the Nominal Size and the Fakro and RoofLite codes.

 Nominal Frame Size (mm) Glass Size (mm)  RoofLITE Code  FAKRO Code
 550 w x 780 h  373 w x 590 h  C2A
 550 w x 980 h  373 w x 790 h  C4A 2
 660 w x 1180 h  483 w x 990 h  F6A
 780 w x 980 h  603 w x 790 h  M4A 5
 780 w x 1180 h  603 w x 990 h  M6A
 780 w x 1400 h  603 w x 1210 h  M8A 7
 1140 w x 1180 h  963 w x 990 h  S6A 10 
 1340 w x 980 h    U4A 12
 1340 w x 1400 h    U8A  









If your identification plate does not display either the nominal frame size or the code, you can measure the size of the glass within your window.

FAKRO Identification Plate
 fakro identification plate

RoofLITE Identification Plate

rooflite identification plate


Keylite Size Guide - Finding your Code

The ID card is located on the top of the window sash & can be viewed when the window is opened.

You can measure your window and check our size chart?


If you can not find your size please feel free to call us.