The Top 5 Best Blinds for Winter

Date Published: 12 September, 2019

Blinds are essential in the modern home to regulate lighting, and they can also help to regulate the temperature of a room. This is essential in the winter when it gets colder and darker. You might be tempted to dress your windows with thick curtains at this time of year, but blinds can actually be much more effective at letting light in when open and keeping heat in when closed. Below are the top 5 best blinds for winter which we offer at Ambition Blinds.

Roller Blinds

The best blinds for winter are roller blinds, because this type of blind has one sheet of fabric. This means that there are less gaps for heat to escape through when you close the blind. It also means that when you fully open the blind, it lets as much light in as possible. Our Value Range offers extremely affordable options, with colour choices varying from classic subtle shades such as Butter and the seasonal Frost to adventurous warmer colours like Ruby and Tango.

Butter Classic Roller Blind - Price From: £23.10

Blackout Blinds

To enhance the properties that you look for in blinds for winter, opt for a blackout blind. This is a roller blind made of an opaque sheet of thicker material, designed to block out light and ensure darkness. Blackout blinds don’t have to be in a dark colour, either. We offer a variety of blackout blinds in bright colours which can make a room seem lighter, or textured patterns like Marlow or Estella for warmth.

Marlow Ivory Blackout Pattern Roller Blind - Price From: £60.90

Day and Night Blinds

The most modern style in blinds combines the easy functionality of roller blinds with the look and features of classic venetian blinds. This comes in the form of day and night blinds. They are the ultimate option in roller blinds, making them the ideal best blinds for winter. The two layers of the blind increase its insulation because they can trap and retain heat, helping you to reduce your energy bill during the winter months. At the same time, you can adjust them to allow light through the layers. This Luna Jet day and night blind offers a striking contrast.

Luna Jet Night and Day Blind

Velux Style Blinds

Heat rises, which means that in winter you are likely to lose heat through your roof if it is not insulated well enough. This also applies to windows in the ceiling. If you have windows in the roof, then Velux style blinds are specifically designed to fit this type of window with no gaps. Skylight windows are great for letting more light in, but make sure that you can cover them to keep heat in your home on chilly winter evenings. A Velux style blackout blind can help with this. Darker colours such as Raven or the translucent Noir will be better at keeping heat in.

Raven Blackout Velux Style Blind - Price From: £29.40

Wooden Venetian Blinds

Venetian blinds are a classic style which may not seem appropriate in winter, when any gaps can mean loss of heat. However, well-fitted Venetian blinds form a snug layer of insulation when they are closed properly. Our wooden venetian blinds are definitely on the list of the best blinds for winter. Golden shades such as Amber Faux Wood and Honey Sunwood lend a warm tone to a room, while richer dark hues like Bali Starwood or Fired Walnut Soft Grain & Gloss can absorb heat effectively in winter.

Starwood Bali - Price From: £37.80