7 Affordable Modern Window Blinds Ideas

Date Published: 12 September, 2019

Searching for modern window blinds ideas can be difficult if you are not familiar with modern styles in interior design. Modern designs are often clean and minimalist, with solid colours and simple textures. Modern window blinds are an excellent choice because they can complement most interior design styles in a variety of living spaces. The designs may be minimal, but they still tend to have unique characteristics to make the blinds stand out in their own way. These window blinds can become an integral part of a room’s aesthetic when you choose appropriately. Here are several of our best affordable modern window blinds ideas.

Carbon Wooden Venetian Blinds

These natural wooden blinds are a blend of traditional and modern. Made of real wood in the classic Venetian style, the solid black colour elevates the blinds from rustic-looking to more elegant. Many modern designs feature monochrome colours, meaning that your blinds will fit right in wherever you install them. If you would like blind tapes to add some texture, you can choose them in jet black or one of the other neutral colour options to create a subtle contrast. The carbon wooden Venetian blinds start from £32.55, ensuring privacy and affordable style.

Carbon Wooden Venetian Blinds - Price From: £32.55

Mezza Gris Individual Roller Blinds

A roller blind can instantly make a room look more modern, because it becomes almost like a contemporary art print when the blind is down. A bold pattern makes use of the blind as an accent feature in the room. These Mezza Gris blinds feature a chevron stripe design, starting from £34.65. The shade of grey softens the contrast so it is not too bold, while still retaining an eye-catching pattern. It enables this modern blind to easily complement neutral colour schemes or to tone down brighter ones for a fun but calmer feel.

Mezza Gris Individual Roller Blind - Price From: £34.65

Napa Oslo Blackout Pattern Roller Blinds

An important thing to consider when exploring modern window blinds ideas is whether you need a blackout blind or not. These blinds are not only good for privacy purposes, but for ensuring complete darkness so that you can sleep during the day as well as the night. The Napa Oslo pattern blackout blinds are a subtle roller design with stripes in soft co-ordinating colours, starting from £60.90. The pale shades allow this blind to be unobtrusive in a contemporary room, while successfully blocking out all light from outside your window whenever you need it to.

Napa Oslo Blackout Pattern Roller Blind - Price From: £60.90

Nobis Obsession Night and Day Blinds

If you would like your blinds to make a bolder statement and allow you more control over the level of light in a room, why not choose night and day blinds? This type of roller blind has two layers of fabric which feature both translucent pale stripes and opaque dark stripes. Rolling the panels independently of each other can create an open-and-closed look reminiscent of Venetian blinds or completely closed and solid like a traditional roller blind. This style is very contemporary, making it perfect as a finishing touch for your modern living room or bedroom.

Nobis Obsession Night and Day Blind

Nera Scarlett Contemporary Standard Vertical Blinds

A pop of contrasting colour is a common feature in modern interior design, and your window blinds can bring that aspect to a room if you go for a brighter colour. The Nera Scarlett vertical blinds, priced from £36.75, come in a beautiful red shade with a subtle pattern in contrasting textures. Vertical blinds can often seem old-fashioned if they are too plain, so a bold colour and a different pattern can transform them into a modern style. You can even colour-match for free to make sure that your extravagant new blinds will complement your room design.

Nera Scarlett Contemporary Standard Vertical Blind - Price From: £36.75

Henlow Shadow Contemporary Roller Blinds

A roller blind in a textured fabric can be just as modern as a simple blind in a striking colour. The Henlow Shadow roller blinds can fit the window of any room if you have a neutral and contemporary interior design style. These blinds are available from £26.25, making them an extremely affordable option for modern window blinds ideas. The single panel makes them straightforward and easy to use, and the fabric choice adds a touch of chic while also having a soft and comforting appearance. These blinds make modern designs seem more homely.

Henlow Shadow Contemporary Roller Blind - Price From: £26.25

Rapture Glisten Effect Aluminium Venetian Blinds

Metal, glass, and marble are popular materials and patterns for modern furnishings. As such, Venetian blinds are immediately updated by adding an aluminium effect. The glistening style can make a room feel brighter even when the blinds are closed. It also adds a more futuristic element to contemporary design. At £19.85, the Rapture Glisten Effect Aluminium Venetian blinds are one of the most affordable choices for elegant modern blinds. Their unique texture creates an interesting sense of dimension and is sure to be a talking point for guests.

Rapture Glisten Effect Aluminium Venetian Blind - Price From: £19.85